Sunday, 15 January 2012

Winter Protection.

So, after the early cold of last year, this winter has so far not shown any teeth.  We only just had out first two nights of frost, with temperatures falling to -6C overnight for the last two nights.
Having lost some good trees to the cold last year, I have made provision to protect my trees this year.  Especially the ones that had suffered and had a hard time recovering over the short and miserable summer.

I had a look this morning to see that the protection is adequate and all seemed to be ok.

This first batch of pictures is of the 6'x8' Cold Greenhouse.  No heating is provided, but the twin-wall polycarbonate provides good insulation.  While temps outside read -6C, the minimum temperature inside was -2C, so perfectly adequate for the hardier indigenous stock, pines and junipers.

The next lot of pictures shows the frost free greenhouse.  This is a 8'x12' aluminium and glass construction on a solid slab base.  The greenhouse has bubble insulation fitted and is heated by a parrafin heater when required, backed up with  an electric fan heater with thermostat to hold temperature above 3C.  As an added protection I also cover the trees in this greenhouse with horticultural fleece.  This houses cuttings and recently separated air layers, Maples, Tridents, Satsuki and Chinese Elm, as well as some of the trees that were slow to recover after last years winter.

The rest will have to face the winter outside, but may be moved to one or other of the greenhouses if it turns really cold (hope not!)


  1. All good Mike. I get a bit sad when I see very hardy outside species put into a heated greenhouse or shed. Simply not at all necessary as you know. This is all quite acceptable weather for the majority.

    Mike J

    1. Hi Mike. Thanks for looking in.
      I totally agree with you. We really have not had any real cold weather yet, and most of my trees are still outside (and will stay there for the duration unless we get a really hard spell of prolonged frost).
      The hardy trees in the heated greenhouse are those that really need some tlc after last years winter and subsequent crappy summer, and the trees in the unheated greenhouse are there more for protection from wind and rain than to protect from frost, including some newly imported Junipers and pines that still need to be acclimatised to our weather.

  2. Hallo Mike
    Du hast ja schon eine sehr schöne Sammlung.