Monday, 2 December 2013

Two more Display Tables

A bit more spare time this last weekend, so I thought I might bring a few more bits of wood to good use.

I am a bit o a hoarder when it comes to odd bits of wood, so from time to time I have to justify this habit by actually using some of it.

Hand Tools used:  Tenon saw, Fret saw, block plane, mitre block, mitre square, sandpaper, rasp
Power tools used: Drill, Palm sander, Plunge router, Dremel with sanding wheel
No screws or nails, all joints are glued with either dowelled or mortice and tenon joints.

So, here is pile No.1, a bit of plywood and a few odd offcuts

This was used to make this little lacquered display table.  It needs the initial lacquer coat sanding and then 2 more coats of Lacquer.

Pile No.2, offcuts of solid Oak Floorboards

This was turned into a two tier shohin display table