Friday, 27 July 2012

Repost from Walter Pall's Blog

This tree was stolen from Walter Pall's Garden.  Please share and repost on your own blog to make selling or moving on of the tree as difficult for the culprits as possible. Any information as to the whereabouts of this tree to Walter Pall.:

Zelkowa stolen

Zelkowa, Zelkowa serrate, very fat, stole on July 25 from my garden. While everything is under video control there is a very small area where this tree stood exactly which is not covered. Please hold the thief and report. We probably know that person.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Trident Maple Thread Graft

Still no sign of summer arriving here in Leicester :(

 I decided to work on some of my raw material this week, and this trident was crying out for some attention. It has been standing around in the growing area for a few years now, just getting the odd trim. Today I decided to do something about the lack of branches in the lower part of the tree.


Monday, 2 July 2012

Impressions from our Bonsai Club Exhibition

I am a member of Wigston Bonsai Club here in Leicester, and we had the first of our annual exhibitions this Sunday. Due to space restrictions we could only show a small amount of our trees, but every little helps to raise awareness of the hobby. Visitor numbers were good and we had a lot of interest from the general public. I have put together a small video of the day.