Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shohin Spring

My small trees are starting to look nice now, having had a spell of nice warm and sunny weather.

Japanese Maple, Chinese Elm, Fern Accent

European Larch

English Elm

Larch and Elm for size comparison

European Hornbeam


Blackthorn for size comparison

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple for Size comparison

Korean Hornbeam

Chinese Elm

Silver Birch

Chinese Elm Tanuki

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bumblebee rescue

My good deed for the day.

As most people know, Bumblebees are having a bit of a hard time here in the UK, so when I found this big one walking around on our patio, very lethargic and not able to fly, I thought I give it a bit of a helping hand.

I offered it a drop of honey on the end of a stick and it spent a good five minutes lapping it up.

You could actually see that after a few minutes it started to gain some strength

Shortly after it took off (a bit unsteady from the sugar rush) and headed straight for the cherry blossom on a nearby tree and started to feed and collect pollen.

Hopefully it is going to find a place to settle and produce loads more of these gorgeous creatures.