About me

Hi.  My name is Mike Konig.
I have been growing bonsai in earnest since 1994, having dabbled and experimented with trees in pots since the mid 80's.
I am not quite sure what got me started with bonsai, but I have always liked trees and have been a keen gardener since my teens. 

I went on from buying styled trees to developing my own trees from nursery stock and garden rejects and have just lately started to raise my own trees from seed.  
This also marks a transition in the type of tree that I enjoy working with.  While the larger size bonsai are much more impressive,
 I have found of late that the smaller shohin and chuhin sizes challenge me more.  Add to that the rapidly diminishing space in my suburban back garden and it all makes sense.
Due to work commitments, bonsai had to take the back seat between 2006 and 2009 and while my trees were looked after, they were not developed or refined.  
I am now picking up the pieces to get them back to top condition and presentation.
I have also started a new venture, selling bonsai, starter material and items related to bonsai culture.


  1. Mike, you know you're a star; but for heavens sake buddy sort the images out of you. This one shows old and over on the right the new. Looks like two different chappies :)



  2. There you go Mike, only took me a month to get round to it :-)