Thursday, 17 November 2011

Yamadori Hawthorn

This one ( and two others) were a bit of a lucky find.  Earlier this year I was on my way to work and saw some workmen ripping out part of an old hedge to create a new filed entrance.  They basically drove a bulldozer through the hedge, pushing the spoil ahead of them to fill the ditch.
I screeched to a halt and asked if I could pull out some of the bits of hedge out of the pile.  I am sure they thought I was mad, but had no objections.  So while they had a cup of tea I had a rummage through the devastation and managed to pull out six trunks with reasonable amounts of root.
I potted them up in a very gritty soil mix and gave them some tlc over the summer.  Unfortunately only three of them survived, but those have good potential.  Two are still a bit weak and so will stay in "intensive care for a few more years, but one has made good growth.  This is also the one with the biggest potential.
The trunk is nearly 6 inches wide, with a root flare of just under 8 inches.  This one will stay in the pot for another year to see if the growth continues to improve.  I am hoping that this one will not do the old Hawthorn trick of growing for a couple of years after collection and then just keeling over.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

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