Saturday, 12 November 2011

Akadama 2

As promised, I have taken a few photos and looked a bit closer at the new brand of Akadama that has just become available.
The old " double red line" brand is no longer available for import, but the new Ibaraki brand has been chosen as a replacement by the importer.

On closer inspection, colour, and grain size are identical and when dry, both break up at roughly the same pressure if rubbed between the fingers.

Below is a photo with water added to both samples.  Again, both breaking up roughly at the same pressure when rubbed.

I sifted a bag of each to see the yield of usable particles, using a standard 3 mesh soil sieve and found the distribution of particle sizes more or less equal in both bags, although the new brand seemed to have more of the fine dust.

I have planted up some young hawthorn saplings in both brands and will see how it stands up to our winter weather.


  1. Mike. How does pricing compare?



  2. It is more expensive at the wholesalers, and I would think retail would be about £14-16.

  3. Possibly not as good and slightly more expensive. It was never going to be the other way around!! Keep us posted Mike, I'll be interested to see how it works out.