Saturday, 29 May 2010

Early season Pinching

All my deciduous trees are now growing strongly and the extending shoots now need pinching back to maintain the shape of the trees.  The Chinese Elms, English Elms have been left to extend to 6 leaves and then pinched back to 2 or three leaves, Silver Birches left to extend to 4 leaves then pinched back to one leaf.
My Japanese maples have been cut back to the first short internode on each shoot.

Candles on my Scott's Pines are extending and the smaller ones have been cut back by half.  The longer candles will be pinched back by 2/3 in a week or so.  Two of my pines are now ready to start with needle reduction,, so the shoots on those will be left to extend fully and will then be cut back to their origin later in the summer.  I will document this with a video so check back in late July to see this procedure.

The Chinese Junipers are a bit late starting this year, but they have started to push new growth now and it will be an almost daily task now to keep the growing tips pinched.

The Hornbeams seem to like their new more shadier position and the leaves look healthy and lush.  I am avoiding overhead watering with the Hornbeams as I had a lot of troube with leaf scorch last year.

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