Sunday, 10 November 2013

Homemade Bonsai Display stand

I came across this article on Bonsai Empire some weeks ago, so with noting else to do, I thought I have a go and make a bonsai stand.  The instructions in the article are very clear and easy to follow, but I don't have a scroll saw or a biscuit jointer, so I had to improvise a little.  I used a hole saw and my jigsaw to cut out the pattern and used dowels to connect the top to the sides.  Also, working with offcuts of softwood rather than hardwood, I kept the design simpler and a little more "chunky".
Anyhow, a worthwhile project to have a go at in winter when your bonsai don't need too much of your attention.

Just a bit more sanding and then the finish can be applied.  Seeing that the wood has really not much of a grain pattern, I will most likely paint it with a black gloss lacquer

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