Friday, 9 September 2011

Greenwood Bonsai Bash

Pictures taken at the Greenwood Bonsai Bash last weekend. Corin did a great job of bringing the best out of this material.  He made a point of talking in depth about all styling decisions, which was very informative and helpful.

A big thank you to Corin for giving permission to publish these photos.

The yamadori Hawthorn to be styled.

..and the reverse side.

The front was marked with the yellow pegs and Corin started removing superfluous foliage and branches

The front was chosen to include the rocks that were embedded into the wood, making a unique feature

Moss and loose debris being removed with a wire brush.

Rough carving work on the deadwood areas

Carin had to be careful not to weaken this dead root too much, as it was holding one of the embedded rocks in place

Loads of sawdust.....

Progress by lunchtime- wiring and placement of branches and detail carving to be done

Close-up of the embedded rock, now clearly visible and enhanced by the carving work

Wire is being applied to the branches, with some choice words from Corin concerning the thorny nature

..contemplating branch placement.

Final adjustments and trimming.[/caption]

Corin gave a summary of the styling process and detail on further development of this tree, including possible pot choices.

The final image.

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