Saturday, 28 May 2011

So windy

At the moment it seems all I do is watering.  This windy weather is really drying out the pots, especially the little shohin and mame bonsai need water up to three times a day.
I am trying to keep my maples (and Hornbeams)sheltered from the wind to prevent leaf burn.
Lets hope for some nice calm sunny days soon.


  1. G'day Mike,im from Australia,now living in Oxfordshire.i have continued my my hobby of Bonsai here.i find it funny though,that the trees i buy recomend 'full sun' hahahah yeah right... full sun in the UK! anyway,i enjoy ur Youtube videos,keep 'em coming!


  2. LOL
    That's the nice thing about the British weather- sun wind rain sleet and snow as well as hot and cold temps - all on the same day and not enough of anything to make a real difference.