Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Autumn is fast approaching

Well, summer (if that is what you decide to call it, with temperatures as low as 10C and more than twice the average rainfall) is nearly at an end.  The lack of sunshine has meant that many of my trees have not put on the amount of growth I would have liked, but at least there were no losses from lack of water.

Now is a good time to check wires that were applied to pines and junipers in spring, and if necessary remove any that bites into the bark.  With growth now slowing down, I will remove or reduce old needles on my pines and wire branches to allow a maximum of light in to the inner parts of the branches.

This week will also be used to remove any weeds and excessive moss growth from the soil of my trees.  I also generally remove the top layer of soil and redress with fresh soil.

Feeding continues for another two weeks, using tomato fertiliser on all trees that will be repotted next year.  Any that will stay in their pots for another season have been top dressed with bonemeal to give them a good start next spring.

Other than that I am really looking forward to the time when the foliage starts to turn to their autumn colours.

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