Wednesday, 14 July 2010

All change

After the hot and windy spell last week the weather has now turned around. and we had more or less solid rain for the last week.  Good for the garden, but not so nice to be outside looking at your bonsai, so I leave tnem to look after themselves for the time being.
I took some time to tidy up the greenhouse and pot up cutting I took earlier this year.  The lonicera, elm and trident maple cuttings have produced good roots and have now been transferred in to small plastic pots to grow on for the rest of the season.  They will go into the growing bed next spring to put on some bulk.

The Japanese maple and azalea cutting are not quite ready yet, so they will stay under cover for a while yet.

I have started a groundlayer on a small collected elm and  I have filmed the process.

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